Job Hunting 101

I've been in a volatile field for the past 10 years. Software has been going through outsourcing and corporate downsizing ever since I graduated from college. Now it seems that, unfortunately, the rest of the country has caught up with us in terms of a complete lack of commitment, on either side, in corporate America. However, while most of the country has only been digging for jobs for a few months, I.T. has been doing this for several years.

So when I started having friends come up unemployed, they started asking me for advice. After all, I've never (even in the worst of times) been jobless for a full month. I've normally gotten my first offer within 2 weeks of losing my last one. I've passed this info along to other people and their mileage varies, but the plan hasn't failed anyone yet. Or if it has, nobody's let ME know. The longest I've heard of anyone looking after they started ploughing through like this that I know of was about 3 months...

Now if I say something that you disagree with, or you have something to add, let me know. I'm not a professional job hunter after all, and there are a lot of nuances that change from one industry to another, but this is what I've learned. Take it for what it's worth.

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