Take a look at all of the nothing!

but it's beginning to take shape.

So this is where I'm holding places for all of the randomness that fills up the time that I'm neither working nor rehearsing or gigging. Since I'm also a sports fan, do a lot of cooking and dancing, host a lot of parties, enjoy the art of mixology, and work out regularly, I stay busy. This is going to be my portal for all of the miscellaneous stuff. Right now there are no active links here, but once I get the database set up and remember PHP then I'll write a few pages and get this going.

Once everything is set up for these sections, I'll have links on the right-hand side that takes you to a page where I've got my content. I'm not really sure what I'll do with this section either once I get all of the other content set up, but I'm sure I'll do something with it. After all, the best part of virtual publishing is that it's infinitely malleable.

My Recipes can now be accessed, and I've managed to make it more manageable. So it will be updated more frequently.

I also just made the workouts live. My Workouts are posted here.

And as of June 17, I've added karaoke and drink recipes to my active hobbies list. So now you can see what I've been mixing and where I've been singing.


Recipes and the like

I've got a good collection of recipes that I've invented or modified that are going up here, along with some of my whole-meal recipes to make a dinner for 2. The display code is more or less ready. The admin screens will take a bit more time to write. I can put stuff directly in the database, but it's painful. Anyway, I've just made this live, so I'll add stuff as I go, and work on the forms I need to make this go faster.


Link to workout plan and log

Here is where I'm posting my workout plans as I do them. I'll leave an archive of everything I do and update the plan when I get through with a workout page.


The places I go hang out to drink and sing

It's not a secret. I enjoy performing and like karaoke to do stuff I wouldn't ever get to sing otherwise. Here's a list of where you might find me if you're looking.


Similar to food, except for the consuming part

This is a place for me to just store the drinks recipes for the specialty cocktails I've invented or that I've learned and are my or my friends' favorites, but aren't common to a normal bartender's guide. Future plans include making it much more searchable, but for now it's just a bartender's guide.


Mostly swing, Latin, and ballroom, but with a little bit of country, hip-hop and club stuff thrown in for good measure.

I'm not exactly sure how to represent this on the site aside from links to the studio I take lessons at and the swing dance society that I'm not a member of yet. Suggestions are welcome.


Mostly baseball, at least at first...

On my old Geocities site I had a bunch of Diamond Mind baseball stuff. I want to bring that content over here. I also think I'll set up some of the info for my fantasy sports leagues, just so I can keep track.


This one may or may-not ever get written

I like talking religion and politics generally, but I don't like shouting about them. I like exploring the ideas. But there are a lot of dumb ones that people subscribe to. So I'm torn. Do I make a rants section for politics where I just blast the stupidity? Do I make a fan-site for some of my favorite politicians? I may not ever decide, and this may never get implemented. Then again, Matt always thought that I'd eventually run for office. This coudl be a good way to get a start.