Take a look at all of the nothing!

but you know, it's got to get better than this.

So this is where I'm holding places for two things mostly. I've earmarked this for a section where anyone can find references to my friends who want to be online and accessable and for a section that is only accessable to people that have contacted me directly, that I know, and that I have given a login/password.

After all, this is my little slice of the web, and I get to share whatever I want. But some of you don't want everything out there to the world at large. I can respect that. The only open part of this site will be in this pane, once it's written, and will contain links to friends' blogs or websites, randomly selected from the database that will be up and running soon.

On the right you see where the password-protected sections will be, along with a short description of what will be there. Of course, at the moment I've written nothing. So it's just a mock-up. But don't call it a pipe dream. It's all coming in due time.

Cast of Thousands

You don't know the players if you don't get the program

I'm always surprised at what people that are close friends of mine haven't met. I've had several people comment "I feel like I'm old friends with X, but I don't know what they look like." So the plan here is to write up a small section that will give a single picture, a few key facts, how I met said person, and if they're referenced in LJ maybe have a name decoder. It'll all be in playbill format, database driven, and eventually searchable. This will take some time to write up though, so it's not going to be the first thing available.

Teleport Book

Just like Myst, only less magical.

The plan here is to set up virtual tours of my home, my former home, my office, and maybe my commute to work. It's not going to be difficult, but it will take a little bit of time to take the pictures, edit them, and upload them. I also need to write the engine to handle the navigation, but that should be fairly straightforward. Expect this before the "Cast of Thousands", but after some other stuff.

Oh, and I haven't made anything functional yet, but I made these graphics completely from scratch. So you can see what things will look like when you start the tour by clicking here.

How to find Me

The virtual GPS tracking device, of sorts

I get notoriously bad about being found sometimes. I try to keep everyone abreast of how to find me, but sometimes things get busy. I think that I'd like to put a password-protected thing here so that I can have a place for you to log in and get my address, current hotel information if I'm travelling, pertinent phone numbers, etc. That way if anyone ever needs to find me, and you already know me, you can do it.


Or "the stated wiggle room"

This is one section that I'm sure I'll want to expand at some point. I just don't know in what way yet. I've got so many people that I think of as friends and so many ways I like to interact that someone out there is going to come up with a great idea for me to keep adding to the friends-only section. Maybe I'll change the old "monthly updates" to a subscription here. Maybe I'll make a big registry of friends-to-friends thing so that all of you can find each other through IMs and Skype. I don't know. Those are ideas off the top of my head, and not all that good honestly. Regardless, if you have any ideas on what else you'd like to see from me, let me know.