Looking For Leads

If you're unemployed, finding a job is your full time job. If you have another job then you still will be doing something 3 times a day if you are serious about moving to another job. You'll just be spending less time doing it, and go slower overall.

But here are the things you need to do daily.
  1. Send your resume to 3-5 places before 10 am. (If you're employed, send 1 a day M-Th)
  2. Follow up just after lunch with a note asking if the resumes were received correctly
  3. After your follow ups (or after work if you have a job right now) find your next place to send your resume for tomorrow.

From here on in I'm going to assume that you don't have a job. If you do, most of this still applies, but you probably will need to handle things differently depending on your current situation.

So the above 3 things are your basic framework for your day. Your day should still begin by 9 am. You should wake up, shower, get dressed and cleaned up, etc. every day you are job hunting. Honestly I've seen several situations where you can go a week with no hits and then have someone call and say "can you interview today?" So be ready for that. Also it gives you a sense of place while you float.

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