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but you know, it's got to get better than this.

I've been reviewing music since 2002 and have a lot of things I've posted opinions on. I'm also thinking that I'll start reviewing more discs here at some point outside of the friendly confines of Musicweb, but that's for the future. Musicweb has most of my reviews so far, and I will get around to finding and posting links to my reviews here. Right now this is a placeholder for the most part. I'll link to just a few of my recent reviews for now...

Music in the Shape of a Square: Alter Ego performs Philip Glass

This set is worthy of exploration, though probably not the best entry point for someone unfamiliar with either Glassís work or minimalism generally .

Music with Changing Parts: Icebreaker Performs Philip Glass

Performing long minimalist works is an exceptionally draining experience for many performers, but Icebreaker respond to the challenge exceptionally well. As a listening experience this piece is performed masterfully.

Ashokan Farewell/Beautiful Dreamer: The Songs of Stephen Foster - Jay Ungar and Molly Mason

Rife with near-magical moments. It would be difficult to recommend an album more highly.

Romberg Conducts Romberg vol. 2

For the serious fan of the musical theatre and operetta this is highly recommended.