Please Forgive the noise

This is where I'm putting my works in progress music-wise. Some of these I've already re-recorded with other bands. Some of these I've abandoned. Some of these will eventually get played with some group or another. Some of these are just thoughts that later evolved into other things. Regardless, here they are... the recordings of my songs in their infancy.

Unless otherwise noted, they're all originals, and I'm playing everything and singing. Or I'm playing everything except the electric drums and singing anyway. The drums I've programmed as quickly as possible, but it's mostly a groove quantize over a couple of bass patterns. I tend to like to put stuff here though. If you like it, download and listen. If you want to play my stuff, please let me know.

What Kind of Crazy?

My friend Scotty B grabbed me on Nov 16, 2008 to help him finish a song he'd been working on, and I started throwing out ideas to finish his stuff. When we were done I collected up the song snippets and had the first verse and chorus already written to this. About 3 hours later I had the recording finished. Thanks to Jenn for acting as lyrics editor.

Cast Off

Cast Off was written in about 20 minutes while I was sitting around unemployed and annoyed on Nov 10. 2008. There isn't much more to the story than that.

Why Not Wednesday

The short version of the song story is that I noticed that there are no songs about Wednesday, but every other day of the week has them. I thought Wednesday must be lonely. So here's a song that's written about being Wednesday.

Buy the Band A Beer

Just a nice little suggestion...

Just About As Over Her

This is 3 different songs that I was writing at different times. They all sucked, but were similar enough to make this one from the bits. I think that the way it ended up is pretty rockin'. [lyrics]

Bowie Knives and Pixie Sticks

I wrote this on the weekend before Halloween in 07. We worked on it for a while with Full of Eels but it's never been performed.

It's My Time

I decided at one point in early '07 to write something happy because I didn't very often. Here it is.

My Love, My All

Featuring Jenn Tustin on lead vocals

Written for a friend's wedding, then rewritten for more general wedding use.

Leave This World Behind

I wrote this for Full of Eels but we discarded it because it was "a little too hippy sounding." So here I am trying to do my best Gomez impersonation.

Deck Chair

I just wanted to see if I could write a song sort of like "When I'm 64" when I saw that this was one of the famous "fake demo names" the Beatles never recorded but somehow got into the list of discarded Beatles songs.


Dedicated to, and written for, one of the most beautiful people I've ever met. I wrote and recorded it about 5 weeks after I met her, and while I'm a better singer now, this is the condition I left it in back in 2002.

Somebody Better Than Me

My first country song, written and recorded in 2002 and still one of my mom's favorites, so I figured I should get this one up on the site.