IT'S OFFICIAL... Scotty has left to chase his dreams in NYC... just when things were gettin' interesting too. Be on the lookout for new material on his personal mp3.com waste of space! Meanwhile, the whole lot of us are back to our fucking day-jobs... at least for now!

SHOW CONFIRMED! We will be headlining at the GALAXY CLUB in Deep Ellum WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 2001. We hit the stage at 10:30 pm after "Wild Gold" and "Eat My Pie", two up and coming local bands. Please come out and give us some support!

We are currently recording 7 original songs and 1 cover for our first demo CD. It will be released on MP3.com as soon as we finish up! We are also seeking many venues to play in the upcoming months to get this shindig rolling. We have been busy rehearsing and finalizing our setlist and are very anxious to get on stage as soon as possible. We are ready to rock your pants off!





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