Craving a hard dose of electrified lunacy powered by megavolt jolts of coon-ass funk, MONEYSHOT formed in February of 2001 by four key members of the Dallas original ska band, Idiot Box. The band leaves the brass behind and gets back to the music that made them musicians in the first place...

Pure Balls-Out, In-Yer-Face Rock n' Roll!

The evil-twincarnation transpired after many grueling rehearsals, a few key-member sabbaticals, and too many brass replacements with virtually no rock n' roll rewards. The time was high for them to say, "Let's just go kick some fuckin' ass"... And so they did. With a week's notice, the band put together two amazing 45-minute sets of pure gut-slappin' rock n' roll energy for nearly 800 people at Dallas' Copper Tank Brewery in Deep Ellum. Their stage has been set for stardom.




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